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yaepi is a eperl "interpreter", written in pure perl. "interpreter" means: it is actually not a real interpreter, it just parses the given file and evals all in '<?eperl ... ?>' blocks. the rest will be printed out.
    some text...
      print "some more text"; # comment some thing

    2 + 2 = <?eperl print 2+2; ?>

    some text...
    some more text

    2 + 2 = 4
it is also possible to include own subroutines and/or import some using 'use' or 'do' or whatever...
why another eperl interpreter?
the official, well working, well tested eperl interpreter cannot be used in all circumstances. e.g. my hoster (not this site) does not allow eperl scripts. i think that eperl scripts are quite cool, because you can very simply mix html and perl (like php, but i don't like php anyhow). IMHO this is quite useful.
i.e. this interpreter should work in all environments where perl is availible.
because the eperl script operates in the same namespace as the interpreter, you should NOT use or import names prefixed with '___' (that are three underscores :-P).
it is not possible to use the strict pragma and maybe some other pragmas also, i do not know how, but it must have someting to do with this eval thing.

if you did find a bug mail it me.
>binaervarianz >projects >yaepi