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It always has been a missing feature: disabling the sleep mode on a Apple Laptop. Who does not want to use it as a big juke-box or go warwalking. The best looking server ever, especially at about one inch height ;o).

There has been a kernel patch, which could do this. The problem it is very dangerous to exchange your kernel and it requires an up to date patch. This page provides you a kernel extension which will just disable the sleep mode ;).
Release notes
Insomnia is released under GPL. The version should works with both MacOS 10.3 as well as 10.2. However the ApplePMU will shutdown your system after 4 minutes under 10.3. If you use 10.2 make sure the power cord is connected. If you do not wish to install it by hand: try KisMAC.
  • Download Insomnia and decompress it
  • Open your terminal and goto the Insomnia folder
  • set Permissions correctly
    sudo chown -R root:wheel Insomnia.kext
  • load Insomnia with
    sudo kextload Insomnia.kext
  • do whatever you have to do
  • unload Insomnia with
    sudo kextunload Insomnia.kext
>binaervarianz >projekte >Insomnia