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The GPG/PGP web of trust is a very powerful, however complex institution. iTrustGPG tries to change this situation, by making you able to visualize trust relationsips fairly easy. It contains an internal database of existing signatures, so that you only have to enter a couple of (email addresses|names|keyids) and hit the graph button. You can export these graphs as pdf files.
iTrust is published under GNU General Public License.
iTrustGPG is based on an idea of Darxus and it makes internal use of the AT&T Graphviz package.
iTrustGPG is compiled for MacOS 10.3 or later. You cannot run it on an earlier version.
The program contains a selected count of signatures hard coded into its database. If your signature is not in it, you will not be able to use iTrustGPG correctly. Make sure that you trust a lot of people and upload this relationship to the key server, so that your key is included in the next version of the database.
Small screenshot showing example input
work in progress
Small screenshot showing example calculation
example output
Small screenshot showing example graph output
>binaervarianz >projects >iTrustGPG