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mlcd for M50530
mlcd is a kernel module for M50530 lcd-display controllers. It uses the kernel parport API, so it is necessary that parport and parport_pc modules are loaded.
You can write to your lcd by simply redirecting output to /dev/mlcd. MLCD was inspired by Michael McLellans lcdmod.
We try to keep our module as compatible as possible to lcdmod, so that you can use scripts and xmmslcdmod with minor changes on both kinds of hardware.
relationship to lcdmod
  • lcdmod uses /dev/lcd, ours uses /dev/mlcd.
  • you also have to take care of the fact that there are differences in the number of cgram indizes, which means, the hd44870 can store 8 self-defined characters, the M50530 can store 6 or 12 characters in cgram(depending on 5x7 or 5x11 matrix).
xmms output
Any further informations (such as examples and wiring) are included in the README file in the archive.
mlcd-0_6_0_1.tar.gz for 2.4.x kernels
mlcd-0_7_0_0.tar.gz for 2.6.x kernels
>binaervarianz >projects >mlcd