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When mick started to program KisMAC, he asked me if I could build him a pigtail, in order to use external antennas for testing his program (the internal antenna of the powerbook is really cool, but does not have as much power as we need sometimes ;) ).
I searched the Net for some informations, but all I found was a description of somebody who drilled a hole in his iBook to get the pigtail into it. I think most Apple Computers are well designed and quite functional and I really would like to have one, so I decided not to do so ;). Anyway mick would have killed me if I had damaged his neat PowerBook :).

After getting one of those expensive torx screwdrivers we opened the Titanium and were happy to see, that the airportcard slot is located directly under the pcmcia slot.

The pcmcia slot right over the airport card.

So I build a really short pigtail with a female sma connector and a lucent connector. Then we had to remove the connector of the internal antenna from the airport card, because it can only handle one antenna (in the airport card are two holes that are reserved for Wlan adapters, but only one has a connector and the other one is empty as you can see).

The two connectors on the airport card

The pigtail has to be fed only through the pcmcia slot and can be connected to the card. Now the powerbook has an external antenna connector and you're able to use a second addapter cable to connect the antenna to it.

This is it!

I know that it's not the ultimalte solution to have an external cable like this because you really have to be careful not to damage it, or some other parts of your powerbook (be careful not to put it between the display and the keyboard. It might be the end of the display!) Another problem is that you can't use the internal antenna for the time the pigtail is connected, but I think it's the best way to use an external antenna without drilling holes or something like that.

Before you ask: Probably this pigtail works with Apple's Titanium PowerBooks only, because I don't have an iBook or an other PowerBook than mick's Titanium to check if it fits too. Sorry!

>binaervarianz >projects >MACTail