2012-02-14 09:35:38
A group of students at TU Dresden has developed a j-Algo module on the EM (Expectation–maximization) algorithm.
2011-01-06 13:18:27
Students at TU Dresden have developed three new modules for j-Algo: Translation of C0 programs into AM0 programs, breadth-first search and depth-first search, and unification of terms
2009-08-10 17:51:36
A group of students at TU Dresden has developed a new j-Algo module. It helps in understanding λ-terms. Have fun trying it!
2008-10-31 17:09:21
There is a new j-Algo module available now. It visualises the algebraic path problem.
2008-07-12 19:17:36
Although roles and collaborations are interesting programming constructs, they are not supported by most programming languages. My diploma thesis shows, using Scala as an example, how to realize them without changing the underlying language and applies the approach to design patterns.
2008-05-25 22:13:15
My diploma thesis is on roles in the Scala programming language. As a first result, there is a paper describing how to enable role-based programming in a library, i.e., without adding new language constructs.
Michael Pradel, Martin Odersky. Scala Roles - A Lightweight Approach towards Reusable Collaborations
2008-02-21 21:51:07
We are happy to announce a new j-Algo module develped by Matthias Büchse. It presents the sorting algorithm Heapsort.
2007-12-23 11:05:08
My first paper on roles in ontologies has been published at the International Workshop on Semantic-Based Software Development at OOPSLA 2007:
Michael Pradel, Jakob Henriksson, and Uwe Aßmann. A Good Role Model for Ontologies: Collaborations
2007-12-23 10:53:29
Student groups from Dresden Technical University have developed two new modules for the algorithm visualisation tool j-Algo: Hoare Calculus and Pulsing Memory. More...
2007-11-17 22:36:42
During my recent seminar at Siegen University I intensely studied on the Economics of Information Security. The idea of this field of research lies in the notion, that problems of security investments can often be much better described by economic theories and models. Security problems are almost as often caused by wrong incentives as by bad design. This seminar paper (in German only) aims to provide an overview of the different topics and the current state of research going on in this field. More...
2007-09-28 00:42:34
Hi, I like to present a new toy of mine, a realtime raytracer for Mac OS X (mostly existing to spend the time I don't have). This little project can now be observed on binaervarianz. Updates will hopefully emerge at a regular basis. My apologys, but translations will always lag a bit behind.
2007-09-24 19:33:59
You want to know what roles and ontologies are and how both together enhance the concept of pizza? My Großer Beleg merges role modeling and ontologies. This yields a notion of ontological components - role models: thesis, slides.
2007-07-27 08:19:28
There has not been a lot of time for KisMAC lately. However the motivation for this drastic step lies somewhere different. German laws change and are being adapted for "better" protection against something politicians obviously do not understand. It will become illegal to develop, use or even posses KisMAC in this banana republic (backgound: the change of § 202c StGB).
While I cannot do much about that for now, you probably can. Make copies of KisMAC and its source as long as the website is up! Do further development outside of Germany, even better outside the US and EU! If you are a German resident, you will need to fight for your rights.

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